It’s about that time of  the year again when all the party invites start rolling in, all your old friends from high school are back in town and Christmas is in full swing. This is also the time of the year most people ‘forget’ their exercise routine and just indulge in all the fun activities around them. It’s important to remember however that keeping healthy is much easier than working your way back to health. We’ve come up with some tips to help you lead a healthy lifestyle over the next few weeks.

1. Watch what you eat. Try to make better decisions with what you put in your stomach. It’s easy to get carried away in the moment and overindulge. If you do want to try different dishes, try to limit how much of each you eat. The worst possible way to end Christmas day is with indigestion. Slow down on the fatty and high calorie foods but ramp up on the fruits and vegetables.

2. If you will be drinking, keep it light. There are bound to be lots of holiday parties which means many opportunities to indulge in some drinking. Generally, many alcoholic beverages are packed full of calories so do your best to keep it light. Hangovers are also not great to wake up with, they often lead to you wanting to remain in bed, cancel the pre-planned morning jogs and stuff your face. Tip: If you do drink, for every glass of alcoholic beverage you have, balance it up with one or two glasses of water.

3. Exercise. Don’t forego your exercise routine this holiday period. Infact, if there’s ever a time to step it up, it’s now. Most people are bound to eat and not do a lot of moving about over the next few weeks, so it’s important to try to sweat out those toxins and burn any calories you’ve taken in. If you’ll rather stay in and spend time with family earlier in the day, that’s ok, in fact study shows that exercising may actually be best in the afternoon. Either way, try to do something active every day.

4. Relaxation. Try to spend time kicking back and relaxing every so often. While Christmas is the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends and family, it’s also important to get as much sleep as possible over this few weeks. It not only make you feel refreshed and in better spirits, it also helps you fight flu - the most popular illness suffered this time of the year.

5. Hydrate. Putting as much as two litres of water in your body daily is another great way to stay healthy this holiday period. Water accounts for over 60% of the body weight and just about every system in your body needs water. Not only does it play a part in flushing out toxins from vital organs, it also carries nutrients to your cells. The body easily loses water through perspiration, urine and other physical activities so it’s important to always stay hydrated.
How do you plan on staying healthy this Christmas?