Symcat was recently invited to the mHealth Summit in Washington DC where we were able to show off the product to industry leaders and connect with several tech companies making big moves in the Health space. It was brilliant getting to see how others were innovating. For example, the guys next to our table were building a tiny patch you could place on your chest records several data points about your current state of health including your heart rate then wirelessly transmits that information to your Doctor. Pretty cool stuff.

In addition to showing off Symcat, we also entered and won the 1st ever Cigna Health Innovation challenge. Cigna who had a big presence at the summit opened up their API and challenged startups to build a product that will significantly impact how people make health choices, using data from Cigna. Challenge accepted!

What we did:

When people fall ill and start taking medications, they often experience new or worsening symptoms that may or may not be related to the illness. Sometimes they are normal side effects and other times they are the scary “serious adverse events” related to medication. How is the average patient to know? “We’ve thought hard about solving this problem from the patient perspective” said Craig Monsen, Co-founder and CEO of AHEAD Research. “In response to the Cigna challenge, we built a web and mobile tool that helps people sort out if these new symptoms are related to their initial illness or are caused by the medication they are taking.”

We came up with a module of Symcat called “MedAssure” that lets users enter the symptoms they are experiencing, add (or auto-populate from Cigna’s data) the medication they are on, and informs them if their medication is a known cause of their symptoms. They also have the opportunity to share this information with their physician, who wants to know if his or her patients are experiencing potentially debilitating, drug-related side effects. The seamless integration of MedAssure into Symcat’s interface allows users to add that information to their existing health timeline and continue tracking their symptoms.

Winning the challenge meant we went home with great recognition for Symcat, cash award and and exciting opportunity to work with Cigna. This is the second challenge we’ve won this year after the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant 5 months ago. If anything, it’s great motivation to keep working hard and innovating on how patients find health information.

- Tolu.