This news is long overdue, but in case you haven’t been following our tweets, we were recognized early last month as the winners of the Robert Wood Johnson Aligning Forces 4 Quality Developer Challenge.

For the challenge, we integrated AF4Q data into the Symcat workflow like so:

We’re excited about the opportunity this creates to work more closely with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and to help showcase some of the great work that is being done for the Aligning Forces for Quality Initiative. Of course, the money doesn’t hurt and we’ll be using it to continue to build Symcat into an even more useful service. We’ll be meeting with the CEO of RWJF in August, and will keep you posted on how those conversations go.

Even without the exciting news from RWJF, the HDI forum in Washington was a great time (though exhausting). We met some great innovators and leaders in mHealth (or digital health or health IT or whatever your preferred nomenclature) and it was fascinating to see what others were working on. You can check out the main stage app demos (including ours) on the HDI site. My favorite presentation was Castlight’s and I also thought Andrew’s presentation of Healthy Insights in Real-Time was very forward-thinking. 

Anyway, if you’re keeping score at home, here’s some of our press that came out of the conference.

Stay tuned for more updates. I promise I’m going to be better about posting.


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